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About the AttorneyDirectory.CZ

Our company Magan s.r.o. established the AttorneyDirectory.CZ server in order to provide information for those who wish to retain an attorney in the Czech Republic. We have developed this directory of attorneys in the Czech Republic on our web page and provide the public with information about their areas of expertise.

With the help of our search engine (which can also be connected to the web pages of individual law offices), we inform potential clients of available Czech attorneys and their specialized services.

Our services are exclusively informational; we do not direct legal advice. Participating law offices and attorneys listed provide us with information regarding their areas of expertise and services available. The participating individual attorneys can decide themselves how much information to list about their services. Visitors to our web site can then themselves decide which attorney listed they will contact to meet their legal needs.

Such an attorney directory is readily available abroad; however, our directory is the first of its kind for the Czech Republic. Attorney opinion has expressed a great need for such a service and it is welcomed by lawyers and their clients alike.

The practices of Magan s.r.o. are in accordance with all legal and ethicial guidelines relating to the practice of law.

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